About Hellweg

Hellweg has been supplying law enforcement and military buyers the world over for decades, during which time the company has grown into a world-class operation known for its high performance weapon-carrying equipment and protective body armour products.

Hellweg is one of only a few companies in the world that has mastered the exacting technique of high-volume production of weapon carriers in advanced laminates. Using rigid laminates of Kydex and real suede for its gun holsters, and flexible Laminate synthetic for its belts and accessories, Hellweg provides unparalleled quality of construction and performance.

Hellweg’s products are manufactured at a state of the art 3000 sq metre facility, utilising the most modern manufacturing technology and methods available.

Every item that carries the Hellweg name has been individually hand finished and inspected, then thoroughly checked for it’s functional integrity; surpassing the strictest standards demanded by military, law enforcement, security and champion shooters the world over.

The Hellweg philosophy is simple:

“Every product will maintain nothing less than our highest quality standards. It will maintain it’s performance integrity according to it’s specific design and will give long life and dependable service”.

The Hellweg story began in Australia, in a backyard shed, over 40 years ago.

Driven by a strong desire to provide the highest quality military, law enforcement and security equipment; skilled craftsman and designer Albert Hellweg searched the world for the finest materials available. Combining these materials with his own manufacturing methodology, Albert Hellweg’s aspiration became a reality and the journey to success began.

The Hellweg brand is synonymous with the word ‘integrity’; when it comes to manufacturing standards, there is simply no compromise. Based in Melbourne, Australia, Hellweg is renowned for manufacturing the highest quality equipment available on the market today.

The current product line comprises over 8000 and includes high performance weapon carrying equipment, ballistic protection (body armour), military and law enforcement protective clothing, chemical/biological warfare suites and a wide range of special purpose equipment all manufactured with the Hellweg stamp of quality approval.

Every product is individually hand-finished and inspected/checked for functional integrity. The entire range of body armour is independently tested and passes the US National Institute of Justice standards.

Using the most up-to-date technology and only partnering with specially selected organisations that provide the right high-tech synthetic materials, Hellweg International is still leading the way in body armour and weapons support systems.

Producing quality, maintaining integrity and forging forward with world leading craftsmanship, Hellweg International continues to be front-runner, all because the strong desire to provide the best and be the best is as strong today as it was over 40 years ago.